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The pleasure of eating doesn’t always come from just the great ingredients. It can also be in the time and treatment of each of those ingredients. Food writers often critique an ingredient for how it works, and it is true good quality always shines through in the final taste.

GET - Choosing the right ingredient for the right recipe. Luxurious, heavily priced does not always equate to yumminess, and in fact sometimes the cheapest of sources, the free and foraged, or the it needs to be used up can make the best of kai.

PREP - Is important, because it is the middle step we always forget. The storing the food properly, the peeling, or beating, or folding or stewing, might be the important part that deserves as much attention as the final cook.

COOK - Where heat, chill, acid or salt can process food to make it consumable by a human. Where a flash of fire, can be as good as a slow cooked electric cooker, a high steam pressurised whistling fast cooker or even a squeeze of lemon to tenderise the raw ingredient. The articles in this blog revolve around a technique of cooking, that takes a certain method, chemistry, technique or a bit of time to get it right. Tips, variations, and imagery.

Buttery Best: Rich Yeast Pastry

For a take on the traditional art form of layered and folded pastry.