Product & recipe development

Supplying research, ideas, testing analysis and outcomes is the purpose of development. It's not just about mixing this with that, it is about making sure the recipe gets maximum reach. 

We can help you align your product or idea with the right market, with the right ingredients, or simply just create something that people want to cook more. 

We test and re-test recipes to make sure they work well, and give ideas where you can make your own magic.

‘From Ideas to logistics, product testing and all the hoops to jump in between, this would
have been impossible for me to achieve without Sally’s guidance and expertise’

Bron Kemp

Twisted citrus

Ngati Porou Seafoods (Gisborne, NZ)

Development Ahia Smoked Fish Spreads 2019. Advertising and Social Media Promotion.

Leaderbrand (Gisborne,NZ)

Recipe development using large range of Leaderbrand fresh produce and salads for the website, general advertising, trade shows and social media campaign. 2011 - 2022

Mindfood Magazine (Auckland, NZ)

Editorial and advertorial recipes created as part of a regular column in the Mindfood Magazine. 2011 - 2020

Moana Seafoods (Auckland,NZ)

Consultant to NPD team for retort packaged meals 2021. Supply recipes for social media campaign and online sales

Twisted Citrus (Gisborne, NZ)

Twisted Citrus is an online Fruit Orchard that we have been working on new product development adding value to their raw product to create a range of preserves and dehydrated foods. Research, ideas and implementation of the product to market.

Corson Grain (Gisborne, NZ)

New product development. Consulting to Corson's, looking at development and implementation of new, added value products and solutions for current products. 2021-2022.