Food technology

From the idea generation, through to capability mentoring for the operations team, or simply planning the implementation of the product to market process. 

Food technology involves the research, data gathering, analysis, problem solving, strategic planning and report writing. Food is science and all good recipe's are just good formulas for balance and flavour. Knowing how to balance and look for the right flavour's is key. 

Offering solutions to simple recipe conundrums. Shelf stability, recipe formulations, innovation and formulation trials.

Ngati Porou Seafoods

Formulating a procedure and testing to investigate new methods for Smoking fish. Salt trials and report writing. Idea generation, research and recipe writing, testing and editing, sensory development, implementation of SOP’s, promotional complimentary recipe design.

Corson Grain

Assistance to the marketing and operations team at Corson Grain in the new product development team. Creating pathways for new products to be formed in traditional milling practises.